With all that is going on in the world today, most recently the wildfire in Fort McMurray that drove 90,000 people from their homes, the earthquakes, the tornadoes, the hurricanes, the suffering of those we love from disease, accidents, from losses, lead us to question our faith and to question why bad things happen to good people. There are no answers for these questions that we can find that will satisfy us. More often than not we just have to trust that there is a reason whether we ever find out what it is or not. We simply have to trust that the God who loves us, everyone of us, and cares what happens to us and those we love has a reason. This is probably the most difficult thing that we as people of faith have to do – to trust in the love and mercy of God.

So what is trust? Trust is defined as a firm belief in the character, strength or truth of someone or some-thing. In our ordinary lives we say we trust a friend to keep our trust when we tell them something we don’t want everyone to know; we say we trust our doctor, our mechanic, our teachers, etc. because they are experts in their fields – they have been trained in those areas of expertise so we trust our health, our vehicles, our children to them trusting that they will take care of them for us. If we trust these people to look after what we love then how come we find it so difficult to trust all that we love and cherish, all that we have into God’s keeping.

If God loves us as we know He does and cares for us more deeply than we can care for or love those so dear to us, then why can’t we trust ourselves and them to His care? Is it fear that we will no longer have control? Is it that we don’t think God cares enough? Or is it simply that we do not want to accept the answer He has for us? I think it is a bit of all three for all of us. There is nothing more humbling then to realize that there is nothing we can about some situations. All we can do is place that situation, that loss, that loved one in God’s hands trusting that he will look after that situation, that loss, that loved one and that he will give us the strength and courage to move on and trust Him with them and with ourselves.

Through the experience of Christ, God’s son, we have seen how much God the Father cares for us. Nothing we experience today is out of God’s grasp or experience. His love for us is far beyond what we can imagine. There is no one better that we can place on trust in than the One who watches over and guides us with loving care.

Always remember, whatever the situation, the loss or whatever the loved one is living through at this
moment, God loves us and wants only the best for us. We can rest in his arms as He carries us through pain and sorrow to peace and joy.

Mary Anne Penner


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