St. Dominic Cemetery Society Minutes

St. Dominic Parish
Cemetery Society Annual Report
October 17, 2921

On October 12, 2021 the St. Dominic Parish Cemetery Society held its annual general meeting. The minutes of this meeting and the Society financial report are available in the parish office in read only format for anyone interested.
Officers for the year 2021 – 2122 elected by acclamation at the meeting are:

  • Chairperson: Lilie Hankey
  • Vice-chairperson: Ellis Greenley
  • Treasurer: Lisa Dery
  • Secretary: Sister Celine Dery

Sincere appreciation is extended to retired members, Remi Lirette and Randy Penner for their numerous services and hours of time donated to the work of the Society. Your generosity and dedication are noted.
Thank you also to Neil Hankey for all the time he spends on mechanical repairs and doing other required task for the upkeep of the cemetery! Much appreciated!
Tasks accomplished during 2020 • 2021

  1. The urn area was expanded by adding pavement pads for new urn grave sites. Numbers were painted on the pavement for new grave sites
  2. The cemetery map was revised and a new copy was put in a display case by the pedestrian gate.
  3. A new storage container to house equipment and supplies was purchased. The old sheds were given to the person who accepted to move them. The landscape around the new container was cleaned up.
  4. A student was hired through the federal government program ‘Hire a Student’ to do the up-keep of the cemetery throughout the summer.
  5. The main and pedestrian gates, and the garbage bin were repainted.
  6. A clean-up bee was held once a month over the summer.
  7. Welcome to new Society members: Bert Wentz, Tom Fletcher and Harold Schmidt.
  8. Thank you also to present members of the Society for their generous donation of time and services. St. Dominic cemetery is worthy of recognition because of everyone’s dedication and generosity. This shows the respect due to our dearly departed.


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