Q+A: Why is Holy Week important?

A. Next Sunday we enter into Holy Week, the most important time of the Church year. We are called to walk beside Christ as he enters triumphantly into Jerusalem, shares the Last Supper with his Apostles, is betrayed by one of his closest friends, arrested, condemned, scourged, crucified, buried, and rises again.

This week above all we reflect on the mystery of our salvation. God, in his great love for us, sent his Son into the world to save us from sin and death. While each one of us was born into this world to live, Jesus was born to die. Through the death of Christ, sin is destroyed and life is restored.

Let us take the time during Holy Week to truly reflect on the sacrifice made by our Lord out of love for us. Let us reflect on the awesome truth that while it is true that Jesus died for all of humanity that he would have done the same for you alone if you were the only person who needed to be saved.
When you look at the Cross remember that those arms were outstretched for you! That Christ laid down his life for you! That Christ loves you! Faced with this wondrous reality, now ask yourself, how can I show him my own love and appreciation for all he has done for me?

Fr. Andrew


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