Q+A: Why do we bless ourselves with holy water upon entering and exiting the church and why?

A: Blessing ourselves with holy water is a reminder of our baptism. We were baptized with water in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, which is the same form we make when we bless ourselves with holy water in the sign of the Cross. The Sign of the Cross is also a reminder of our baptism because we were marked with the sign of the Cross at our baptism and recall the name of the Holy Trinity in whom we were baptized.
Baptism is the doorway to all of the sacraments and our rebirth as children of God. At our baptism we were received into the Church and brought to the table of the Lord, the Eucharist. When we bless ourselves with holy water at the entrance of the church, we remind ourselves of our baptism and our dignity as sons and daughters of God as we approach the table of the Lord to receive the Body and Blood of Christ in whose image we have been formed.

Fr. Andrew


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