Q+A: I have lived here for a little while now and where I lived before we had an active Parish Council. I know we have one but who are they, what do they do and why don’t we hear about them? Are they a secret committee? Are meetings open to anyone or are they only open to the committee itself?

A. Our Parish Pastoral Council consists of: myself, Emerson Quiambao who is our Chair, J.M. Michaud who is our Vice-Chair, Julie Chorney who is our secretary, Omer Déry, Hal Wickins, Joan Nuttall, Vicki Lefebvre, Sr. Celine Déry, Linda Stupka, Angie Seguin, Louise Shipman, Casey and Mary Anne Penner make up the rest of the committee.

The PPC’s role is to act as advisors to the pastor in regards the pastoral activity of the parish. They are certainly not a secret committee. The times of the meetings are published on the back of the bulletin. I have presently asked for a review of the PPC Constitution and desire to be more transparent. We are certainly open to any questions.
Anyone is welcome to attend a PPC meeting, however, parishioners at large who wish to address the PPC would have to inform us beforehand to be placed on the agenda.

It is my desire that this parish will thrive but I require the assistance of lay people such as yourselves. I am unable to do it on my own. So please pray for me, our Parish Council, and our parish that we may all take the call of Jesus seriously to “Not be afraid” and to courageously go out into the vineyard of the Lord.

Fr. Andrew


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