Permanent Diaconate Yr 4 – May Update

Brothers and sisters in Christ,

I’m writing to you from the Queen City, Regina! It has been 13 years since I was last in this city…when I pulled in, I didn’t recognize anything. However, once I got downtown, the many hours I spent patroling the streets while I was training to become a member of the RCMP all came back. I must say, I am feeling a bit nostalgic.

My second last blog post. Only one more to go. Thank you for those few who have read these posts. To be honest, they have a dual purpose. The first is to keep everyone up to date on what “formation” to the permanent diaconate looks like. I wanted to give everyonoe a unique view into the life of someone in formation for ministry in the Church. We typically send our young men off to Seminary, and then see them every once in a while (if we are lucky enough to produce a vocation to the priesthood from within our parish community). Deacon-candidates on the other hand, go through formation while still immersed in the parish community. So, I figured it was a good opportunity to give everyone an idea of what it is like. Secondly however, they are a journal. I typically can’t remember what I ate for my last meal, let alone what I was up to 4 years ago. These blog posts have become a record of my journey, one that God willing will be flipping to a new chapter next month!

This past month I was able to spend a few weeks off school for an extended semester break. Unfortunately my goal of being able to do some pleasure reading didn’t materialize, as it ended up being an exceptionally busy month with work. A couple of IT issues at the diocese chewed away a significant portion of my “free time”, and so before I knew it, I was back in class. I am taking a course on Ecclesiology, and it has an exceptionally heavy work load. Please pray for me, as it is going to be difficult to balance this one as I approach the busy season of camp preparation and ordination. I WAS able to complete my course on the Theology of God. This will allow me to recieve a Certificate in Diaconate Discernment II. I have asked my formation commission to take the final course, Moral Theology, in the fall. I have already taken a graduate level moral theology course, and this will give me a bit of breathing space as I approach ordination.

I was able to assist at the Mass celebrating the Feast of St. Kateri, which has become an annual event for me. Louis Lavoie of the Diocese does such a wonderful job. She is a blessing. I also completed my last round of Adult Server training. JM Michaud has graciously accepted to take this lay-led ministry on, and I am so very grateful to him. With this came Safe Parish training, which I also faciliated. I had the chance to spend a bit of time with one of our new seminarians, Jayson Y. He is going to be a great addition to the diocese. Another highlight was when we had the Missionaries of Charity attend Holy Cross Elementary School. I am so proud of Anna, as she goes above and beyond as the school secretary to make sure that we keep the Catholic in our Catholic schools!

We had our monthly Camp St. Louis meeting, deacon choir practice, Marian Hour, as well as I was finally able to attend one of our Knights of Columbus meetings.
In our house, a big event was Aspen’s musical. She had practiced every week since January, and it was a great production. Having a child is amazing. They exercise our heart muscles, and every time I think I can’t love her any more, she proves me wrong! Another big event was that I was able to lead my first Sunday Celebration of the Word since starting formation for the diaconate, as well as being able to preach. Thank you to the parish for supporting me, and for all of the words of encouragement.

And lastly, I wanted to mention the potluck that was hosted at Assumption after Mass this past Saturday. What an amazing event. It was great to break bread down in the parish hall. We typically host events at St. Dominic Parish, but since moving my office to Assumption several years ago, I’ve tried to do events there. This event was not me at all, but our Assumption CWL, and I was so glad that others are working to keep Assumption utilized! It was a great meal and I must say I have never been prouder of the Assumption parish family.

And that leads me to being in Regina, where I am attending a conference on Safe Parish communities! This next month is action packed. We have our 5 day canonical retreat (which is also at the same time as our annual diaconate retreat), as well as tons of assignments for my grad class. Please pray for me, as I need the support!

God bless you and keep you safe!


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