Permanent Diaconate Yr 3 – October Update

Brothers and sisters in Christ,

I hope that everyone is coping well with this early snow! I had hoped that we would get snow closer to Christmas, but one must always trust in God’s plan! That doesn’t stop me from wishing that his plan didn’t include so much of the white stuff however!

I wanted to start my update out with a quick thank you to my wife Anna. For the past 6 months we have been really watching our diet, and have participated in a program called 21 day fix (obviously for longer than 21 days however!). To help me continue to eat healthy (despite all the temptations associated with being in the city) Anna prepares my food in advance each week, and sends me with a cooler full of yummy healthy food. She does this on top of all the other work she does to pick up the slack when I am away. I am so blessed to have such an amazing and supportive wife. Please continue to pray for her!

Unfortunately for our diocese, we lost another priest in the last month. I had the honour of assisting at the funeral of Father Morissette. As in the previous month, I was able to balance out a sad event with a happy one, as we shortly thereafter celebrated the Closing Mass for the Jubilee Year of Mercy. What an amazing opportunity to gather with the other parishioners of our deanery. For those who have not had the opportunity, please attend these Masses, as it is a great chance to see how we are part of a larger Church!

A few days later we celebrated the ordination of Father Michael Ngo, and it was an honour to serve for him at his ordination Mass. This was a huge event for the diocese, as it had been a while since we had a new priest ordained into the diocese! That weekend we then had our first diaconate formation weekend for this year. This time we had a field trip to the city. We stayed at Providence Centre and had Dr. Bob facilitate a weekend on Social Justice. We spent some time in the inner city and attended Mass at Sacred Heart Parish. It was a great weekend!

On October 2 we travelled up to Fort McMurray and participated in their Closing Mass for the Jubilee Year of Mercy. At this Mass we were instituted as Lectors. Deacon Raymond Chan vested for the first time since his stroke and participated in the Mass with us. It was an extremely powerful and humbling experience. We are blessed to have his prayers! The following Sunday Anna, Aspen and I travelled to Clyde to celebrate with four of our seminarians who had their Rite of Admission to Candidacy for Holy Orders. I was able to serve as Acolyte, and it was wonderful to participate in this first step of their formal path towards ordination. This past Friday I was able to attend the last half day of the Priests Retreat and was able to watch Jestoni, our most recent seminarian, also receive his Rite of Admission to Candidacy.

While my diaconal obligations have kept me away for the parish for most of this past month, I was able to attend a Social Justice Committee and Refugee Committee meeting, as well as pop into a Faith Enrichment session and even attend Marian Hour. I am half way through my Diaconate course on Baptism and I am active in my 3 university courses.

This weekend I will be attending Live-in. We have a diaconate formation weekend coming up in 3 weeks. In several weeks we have our reading week break at school, and I must admit, I can’t wait!

Thank you for your continued prayers and support!

God bless you and keep you safe.


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