Permanent Diaconate Yr 3 – August Update

Brothers and sisters in Christ,

I’m writing this during our last week of camp! It is a bittersweet week, as it means our summer is coming to a close. While we have had a wonderful summer full of many great memories, it’s also a very tiring time, and so I’m looking forward to 2 weeks of rest! I cannot complain, as we had our “break week” during the first week of August. However, that week seemed to go by so very quickly, that I blinked and before I knew it we were back at camp for our final 2 weeks of programming.

During the last month I completed my final philosophy course. To graduate with a Masters in Divinity, you must have 12 credits of philosophy undergraduate coursework. So, over the last year, in addition to my Masters courses and Diaconate courses, I have also taken my four philosophy courses. Finishing this courses was a great milestone, as it means I have one less program of studies to juggle.

July 17 was an emotional day. Aspen turned 9 (I can’t believe she is half way to being a legal adult!), and we also laid to rest a wonderful friend, Dewey. I have been so blessed to have known him! He was a wonderful prayer warrior, family man, and most importantly, a beautiful witness to the Gospel. While his life had it’s ups and downs, he demonstrated the grace of uniting one’s sufferings with Jesus on the cross, and his final days were marked by that grace.

Anna, Aspen and I had a chance to zip into the city for a mini reunion weekend with some of my high school friends. It was the first time in about 6 or so years that I had opportunity to visit with my friend Trilleen. It was a great weekend of simple friendship. No complications. Just what I needed! During our break week we planted 117 trees at Camp St. Louis, attended Heritage Days, attended one of the Our Lady of Fatima pilgrimage Masses, drove to Edmonton for Aspen’s neurology appointment, went to the waterpark to celebrate Aspen’s bday, had supper with Fr. Paul and his mom Kay, drove down to Calgary to renew Anna and Aspen’s Philipines passports, visited with my cousin Mel and her family, visited an old friend Tara and met her little girl, visited with my sister and her family, and did a bunch of yard work!

After camp wraps up, I’ll be spending 2 weeks of rest before heading off to Edmonton for my 4 month term at Newman Theological College. Please continue to pray for me, just as I pray for you.

God bless you and keep you safe.


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