Permanent Diaconate Yr 2 – May Update

Brothers and sisters in Christ,

Welcome to Ordinary Time! While “ordinary time” may be slightly anticlimactic after our Easter celebrations, it is a time where we can focus on the small things that will bring us closer to Christ! Let us also take a brief moment to pray for all of those affected by the fires in Fort McMurray.
Camp St. Louis continues to come along nicely! As I mentioned last month, save the date for June 26, as that will be the annual Camp St. Louis fundraiser! As well, if you are interested in volunteering at Camp, please let me know. We are currently hiring for 2 cooks and looking specifically for nurse volunteers.

This past month has been busy as usual. Anna had her meeting with the diocesan psychologist. That was the final portion of my psychological assessment. I still have not heard the results yet, hopefully I am just the right percentage of crazy!
We also had the annual diocesan assembly. The assembly took a different format this year. The topic was on Theology of the Body, with a specific focus on empowering and engaging the clergy to take St. John Paul II’s message to their parishes. For those of you who have the opportunity, please take a moment to educate yourselves on this wonderful treasure. Many do not know about it, others think that it is strictly about Natural Family Planning. This could not be further from the truth. It is a wonderful treasure that brings together many of the Churches teachings.

I had a wonderful opportunity to attend the Mass celebrating Sister Marie Vianne’s 25th anniversary of the consecrated life. Sister Marie Vianne is a member of Blessed Mother Teresa’s congregation, the Missionaries of Charity. Many are unaware that we have these wonderful sisters here in our diocese. Blessed Mother Teresa touches us, even here in northern Alberta! I also had a great chance to attend the opening Mass and speeches for the Alberta March for Life!

We had our last formation meeting this past weekend. Our topic was collaborative leadership, and it was led by Deacon Jerry, our diocesan Chancellor. One of our own candidate brothers, Joe and his wife Amy, are themselves evacuees from Fort McMurray. It was a great opportunity to surround them in prayer and support.

So, what is coming up in the next month? We have our annual deaconate retreat (with the deacons and their wives). On Monday I will be attending the ordination of our seminarian Jhack to the diaconate. We will be continuing on with our course, Introduction to the Sacraments. This is the last of my core courses for the year, before I start my two optional summer courses.

My challenge to you this month? As St. Therese de Lisieux has taught us, find the holiness in the small things. Whether it is being with someone who is dying or making sandwiches for your children’s lunches, make every thought and action deliberate and dedicated to God.

God bless you and keep you safe.


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