Permanent Diaconate Yr 2 – June Update

Brothers and sisters in Christ,

Only 2 weeks until summer holidays! While our children cannot wait, I appreciate that this is often a challenging time for our parents! How can I keep my children entertained for the summer, or how can I manage child care. I have a solution for both of those problems! Camp St. Louis! For less than $225, you can send your child to camp for a week. Not only does your child have fun, they also have an opportunity to build frienships that will last a lifetime AND have an encounter with our Risen Lord.

This past month has been busy as usual. I thought that I was finished my pscyhological assessment, however, we found out that we needed to meet with the psychologist to go over the results. Luckily I was able to piggy back that visit on another trip to Edmonton. At least I am confident now that I am done that particular part of the process! I had the opportunity to train 3 new altar servers for the parish. Anna and Aspen and I also attended the diaconal ordination of our seminarian, Jhack. What a beautiful Mass! It was also nice to see some faces of parishioners from Cold Lake that I haven’t seen at diocesan Masses before! We had a planning meeting for the closing mass for the Year of Mercy. Thank you to Michelle and Olivia for representing our parishes so well! I had the opportunity to visit with the Registrar of Newman College, had social justice and refugee committee meetings, and do a bunch of school visits for Camp St. Louis (Dr. Brosseau, Ecole Notre Dame High School, Holy Cross, and Assumption Junior/Senior High). I also finished my course Intro to the Sacraments. The highlight of my month was being asked to participate in the Lakeland Catholic Youth Liturgical Leadership year end retreat.

My wife and daughter are absolutely amazing. They support me in my ministry. This means many nights where I away at meetings, weekends where I am away on retreats for formation sessions, or times when I am busy studying. To thank them for their love and support, we headed off to the city for a mini “staycation”. In all the years we have lived in Edmonton, we have never been to the waterpark. So, we spent one day at the waterpark and another day at Galaxyland and various other attractions in the mall. It was pure bliss.

We also had our annual diaconate retreat. This is a great opportunity for the aspirants, candidates, and deacons to socialize and benefit from the retreat. This year our retreat master was Father Penna, VP of Newman Theological College. The talks were challenging and instructive. It was an amazing experience and formally marked the end of Year 2!

So, what is coming up in the next month? I have two courses on the go. The first is Introduction to Liturgy. This is an optional summer course for the diaconate. I am also taking Philosophy 200 (Introduction to Philosophy). This is an undergraduate philosophy course. Anna and Aspen are headed to the Philippines for 6 weeks during the summer, while I will be working Monday to Friday at Camp St. Louis and in Bonnyville on the weekends as a Peace Officer or 911 Dispatcher. It will be a busy summer!

My challenge to you for the summer? Have fun and be safe. But (yes, there is a but), please make time for our Lord. If you are travelling, swing by the local Church and attend Mass. Will you be camping for the weekend? Catch a weekday Mass. Remember that the ultimate reason we have the ability to enjoy various activities during the summer is the sacrifice of our Lord.

God bless you and keep you safe.


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