Permanent Diaconate Yr 2 – January Update

Brothers and sisters in Christ,

Brrrr…it’s chilly! -35 when I was driving home last night. However, when I went to Mass today, I was pleasantly surprised to see the parking lot full!

Anna continues to need prayers as she still has not received a diagnosis on her cardiac issues. She has more tests scheduled, but it has been quite frustrating and tiring for her. She is extremely active at school as well as being a very hands on mom to Aspen. Her health issues have slowed her down, and I know that it is very frustrating for her. She continues to soldier on though, tough cookie!

Tomorrow I head off to the city to HOPEFULLY do my psychological assessment. It has been pushed back several times due to scheduling conflicts. While in the city I have a meeting with my Spiritual Director as well as a meeting at the Archdiocese. I just checked the forecast and the weather is supposed to be much improved by the morning!

This past month was all about Christmas. We were blessed to have family come and spend Christmas with us, as well as a short visit from a good friend of mine from Calgary. I wrapped up my Introduction to the New Testament course, and have since started studying Acts of the Apostles. For those who are familiar with Acts, it is a special book of the Bible as it contains the first mention of what will become the office of the deacon. Acts also contains a lengthy account of St. Stephen, the first deacon and first martyr of our faith. He is the patron saint of deacons, and it was very moving to study Luke’s discourse on St. Stephen’s brief ministry.

So, what is coming up in the next month? Well, after finishing my psychological assessment, I have no further formation activities other than my course work. Our next formation weekend is not until April, so we have a couple of months left before things pick up again. Then we have a formation weekend in April and May, followed by a retreat in June. We have been notified by our rector (Father Andrew!) about the steps we need to take to be instituted into the ministry of Lector. This is the formal step that typically concludes the second year of formation. I have to say that it was very humbling to receive that notification. All of the wonderful deacons, priest, and bishops who have served the Church over the last 1700+ years have gone through this stage in their formation. Over and over I keep hearing the words “I am not worthy”. I guess that is a good thing though….maybe when I STOP hearing those words is the day I need an attitude adjustment!

I just wanted to take a quick moment and thank everyone for their prayers and support. I also wanted to thank again Bishop Paul, Father Jacob, Father Andrew, Father Paul, Marion, Louise, my diaconate brothers, Anna + Aspen, and all those others who have helped me get this far.

God bless you and keep you safe.


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