Permanent Diaconate Yr 2 – August Update

Brothers and sisters in Christ,

Last week was our last week for the Camp St. Louis 2016 season! I have now returned to “normal life”, as the day after camp ended Aspen and Anna returned from their summer in the Philippines. Anna is doing some house cleaning (amazing how dirty a house can get after 6 weeks of being empty!) while I get caught up on a bunch of odds and ends from over the summer.

I hope that everyone has had a wonderful summer. I am hoping everyone has been enjoying the days of nice weather and the down time that the rains give us. I know that most families with school aged children are already starting to get prepared for the back-to-school craziness that will hit in the next couple of weeks!

Summer at Camp St. Louis was one of the most impactful summers I have had in many years. It is amazing to see such amazing youth taking a break from the hustle and bustle of the secular world and spending a week or two with other likeminded youth. And when I say like-minded, I mean youth who are on fire with the Holy Spirit! One of the favourite moments was on the second last day of camp when we had 4 of the local Missionaries of Charity come by the camp to spend time with the youth. It was truly a moment inspired by God. I look forward to spending the winter putting into place some changes which I have identified over the summer and pray that 2017 is an even better than this year!

Anna and Aspen had a wonderful summer in the Philippines. They had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with family and friends, which is what the trip was about!

I completed my first philosophy course and passed. This was a great accomplishment for me, as I really struggled with the abstract nature of the course. I have 3 more philosophy courses to take over the next year, so please pray that I am able to be successful in those as well. I finished my introduction to liturgy course, and have since started my last liturgy course of the summer (liturgical practices). Next month we start back into our formation weekends, and I also start school full time on September 6th. So, it will be a busy fall!

God bless you and keep you safe.


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