From the Parish Office – Updated July 22

Thank you

Thank you to Ron Kucy for repainting all three side doors and restaining the cross at St. Dominic. The doors look wonderful and the cross looks amazing. Thanks again Ron!

Summer office hours

Summer Office Hours are 9 am to 4 pm, Tuesday – Friday.


If you will be moving this summer and have been making donations to the church, please contact the parish office with your new mailing address. We will then be able to send you your income tax receipt in the new year.

Washroom issues

We would like to ask parents of 6 year olds and younger to take your child to the restroom rather than, the children going on their own. Over the course of the last month or so, we have experienced paper thrown all over the floor and toilets that are not being flushed. We do hope you under-stand. We are sorry for this inconvenience that this might cause.

Cemetery cleanup

Just a reminder that we do Clean up at St. Dominic Cemetery every third
Wednesday of the month! Please join us on the 19th of July beginning at 7 pm! (Many hands makes for light work )

Chelsey is going to NET

Chelsey Stasuik, a parishioner of St. Dominic Church will be collecting bottles, cans, milk containers etc, as a fundraiser, as she will be heading to Ontario in August as a NET missionary. You can donate your bottles by either bringing them to St. Dominic Parish office during office hours or by contacting Chelsey and she will pick them up. Her number is 780-573-3314 or by email [email protected]

Assumption Celebration

A committee has been formed to plan this occasion. We are putting together historical pictures of our past and are planning a celebration for this fall. Please contact Jeanette Laforce 780-594-4336 or email [email protected] for any input.

Social Justice

The Social Justice Committee has a copy of the documentary entitled “Euthanasia Deception” which is put out by the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition. It takes a look at Belgium’s experience 15 years after legalizing assisted suicide. Two viewings of the documentary were organized for the parish and both were well attended. The committee members feel it is most important that all be as well informed as possible on this issue which is now a fact of life in our Canadian society. To that purpose, the DVD is now available to anyone who wishes to view it privately or to organize a small group viewing. To borrow the DVD, please call Sr. Céline at 780 639-3282.

If you are interested in helping your brothers and sisters in Christ and have a few extra hours to spare, the Social Justice committee invites you to assist at one of the following:

The Cold Lake Food Bank – July 19

For further details, speak with a member of the Social Justice committee (Casey Penner, Tom Fletcher, Joan Nuttall, Sister Celine Déry, Ellis and Bea Greenly, Omer Dery, Linda Grant, or Ryan Sales).

Food Bank Sunday is the last Sunday of year month. Please help feed those who are in need! Please remember to bring a box of pasta, a can of pasta sauce, peanut butter, a box of cereal, a can of vegetables or soup or whatever you wish. The next Food Bank Sunday is July 29/30 weekend!


St. Dominic CWL have religious items to sell. You can contact Rita @ 780-639-2089 or stop by the parish office during office hours to take a look.
We also have a library with books and videos for you to sign out and enjoy.

Mass Intentions

Mass envelopes are available on the table in the entrance. If you would like a Mass said please fill out the front part of the envelope. Each Mass is $10.00. If you require a Mass card please pick it up from the parish office.

Youth Coordinator

St. Dominic Parish is Seeking a Youth Coordinator for Children and Youth.

The successful candidate needs to be a practicing Catholic and a role model with a strong Catholic faith, have a deep knowledge and conviction of the Catholic Church teachings, the ability to organize events and the ability to effectively and appropriately relate to people of various age groups!
You must be someone who loves working with the youth and want to bring them closer to our Lord, Jesus Christ.
If you are this person, please contact the parish office to set up an appointment with Fr. Nong. You can do so by calling the parish office @ 780-639-3245 or [email protected]

Refugee Support

We have raised $11000 towards our goal of $40000 to sponsor a family. Please help us reach this goal by making a one-time or monthly tax deductible donation. Pamphlets are available at the entrances to the church. Please see Angie Seguin if you have any additional questions.

refugee support

Sacramental Preparation-RCIA

Do you need to sign up for sacramental preparation or RCIA/RCIT? Click here for sacramental preparation. Click here for RCIA.

Prayers of the Faithful

Let us remember to pray for the those who are sick, for those who are dying and for those who have passed away in our families and faith community.

If you would like to add your name to Prayers of the Faithful please contact the parish office. The names of the sick will be added for a period of two weeks at a time. Unfortunately, we are not being told when someone has recovered or when someone has passed away. If you are adding someone else’s name please be advised to get their permission.


If you have a key to St. Dominic and Assumption please remember to sign in and sign out. This is part of the responsibilities of signing out a key. If you are arriving at Assumption during office hours and coming through the side door, there is no need to sign in or out.

Borrowed materials

If you have borrowed DVD’s, VHS tapes or books from the St. Dominic Church Library and have had them for more that 2 weeks, please return them so others may also enjoy them.

Church Envelopes

If you are a St. Dominic or Assumption envelope user, please do not cross off the church and write the other church you are attending that particular Sunday. Please use a plain white envelope and write your name and address on the front of it. If you wish you can have envelopes for both churches and to do that please see someone in the sacristy following Mass.


  1. Thank you all for your prayers for my Uncle David Schille that passed on August 29th 2015… not…. August 18th 2015. God Bless!

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