Camp St. Louis

It’s that time of year again! School is almost out! And just as our children are rejoicing, many parents are scrambling to figure out how to keep their children occupied for the summer and deal with the inevitable “Mom/Dad, I’m bored” litany!

In 1988, Father Bissonette founded Camp St. Louis (CSL). His vision for our camp was to foster and develop children’s faith in God, to set an example for youth, and strengthen friendships. CSL is a faith based camp experience that will last a lifetime. Rather than chasing the most current trends in mindless entertainment, Camp St. Louis is focused on giving our youth the confidence to be counter-cultural, to deepen their
relationship with Christ, to have an encounter with our Risen Lord.

CSL is run by young adults (TEAM). Our TEAM this year is comprised of young adults who have “grown up” with Camp St. Louis as well as a contingent of seminarians. They lead games, present talks and dramas, manage rules, ensure safety, and provide music. Father Bissonette’s vision was that the camp was run for youth by youth, and we have maintained our fidelity to that vision to this day. During the week TEAM and campers participate in daily mass, prayers, celebration of the sacraments including weekly reconciliation, and gain a better understanding of the Catholic faith. Outdoors activities include sports, singing, swimming, and nightly campfires. Father Andrew is joining us again as our spiritual director/program director. Father Andrew and visiting priests celebrate Mass with us, provide spiritual leadership and guidance.

There are three ways in which you can allow this wonderful resource to continue to create opportunities for our youth to deepen their relationship with our Lord. The first is through monetary donations. Camp St. Louis has several fundraising initiatives currently active. The second is through donating your talents. Vol-unteers are always welcome through the summer. And the most important way to support Camp St. Louis is to send your children/grand-children to the camp. We cannot provide this amazing opportunity to your children if they do not come! Please visit or call 780-201-8770 to register/donate, or volunteer.

Ryan Sales


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