“As I am Welcomed to Cold Lake”

As I start my ministry in our Parish, I would like to enjoin you all to pray with me to seek guidance from God, St. Dominic and Our Lady of the Assumption our Patron Saints, as we continue to build His Kingdom of Love, Peace, and Justice. This year is the Jubilee Year of Mercy and it is fitting that we ask God’s Mercy and Forgiveness for whatever
hinder us in promoting His Kingdom.

Change is something that we often dread. But it is inevitable if we want to improve and make progress. Only when we are open to it guided by the Spirit that we will under-stand where God is leading us to.

The saying goes: “We do not join a community, we build it,” let us work together then and always mindful that we all work for the greater glory of God. I believe that the king-dom of God is about relationships. And so unless we are connected to God and are in a good relationship with each other nothing can be accomplished.

Please be more involved in church. This is your parish – our parish. Let us feel that we all belong to this parish. Let us all be reminded of our stewardship. Let us learn to share.

It is said that we can never change the world by going to church but by being “The Church”.
Bless you all!!!

Fr. Nong


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