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Baptism Classes

Baptism Classes will be held on February 24, 2018 from 9 am to approx. 3:30 pm. Please register at St. Dominic Parish office beginning on February 6. Please bring a copy of your child’s birth certificate. If your child has not been born by the time of the class, you will required to provide us with a copy of the birth certificate prior to the actual baptism.  Baptisms can then take place on Easter Sunday or later. There are no baptisms during Lent which begins on February 14.

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St. Dominic

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If you are unable to unable to attend your scheduled mass, please call the phone persons below to arrange a replacement.
St. Dominic – Esther – 780-343-6031 (February/April)
St. Dominic – Anna – 780-201-8778
Assumption – Adele – 780-594-4293

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