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Ministry Sign Up

Ministry Sign-Up has begun and will continue until the October 13/14 weekend. Please take this time to pray and discern about what ministry you are being called to!

Baptism Classes

Registration begins on September 11 at the parish office. If your child has been born already, please bring a copy of your child’s birth certificate at the time of registration. If you will be taking the class prior to the birth of your child, please bring a copy of the birth certificate once you have received it. Class is at 9 am until about 3:30 pm in the St. Dominic Parish Centre on September 29. If you have any questions please contact the parish office @ 780-639-3245.

Phone Persons

If you are unable to unable to attend your scheduled mass, please call the phone persons below to arrange a replacement.
St. Dominic – Esther – 780-343-6031
Assumption – Adele – 780-594-4293

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